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Store Cafe Minca , Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , Colombia

The idea of the coffee shop was born 10 years ago, when lizeth moved to minca and saw there was a need for a place whee people could get together over a coffee and relax. The coffee shop opened six years ago and has developed a strong reputation for its laid back atmosphere, great coffee and snacks. It is Mincas meeting point for locals and visitors alike - a place where you can slow down to minca pace, chat awhile and enjoy products from the sierra nevada region. The minca coffee shop showcases local produce - of course the sierras farms coffee, but also cacao, honey, coca tea and fruit juices. It is a place to browse local handcrafts, sucha indigenous mochilas as well as shoulder bags made of natural fibers, jewellery, ceramics, books exchange and cool clothes. From time to time the coffee shop host live music groups.
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