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AQUARIUS & RODADERO SEA MUSEUM , entrance, Santa Marta , Magdalena, Colombia

AQUARIUS AND MUSEUM RODADERO SEA is an exhibition of marine fauna composed of pools built in the sea , glass aquarium and museum. Today the Aquarium has 13 ponds , 15 glass aquariums over 100 species and 900 specimens including marine invertebrates and vertebrates , including fish, mammals , reptiles , birds. Three (3 ) boats , museum , auditorium and more. In the SEA MUSEUM AND CULTURAL TAYRONA are pieces of different marine species such as shark jaws , large stuffed fish , sea shells and others, and various nautical elements , here curiously there is a section devoted to the iconic TITANIC Such as publications, parts and even an exact replica of the different types of dishes as distinct class inside the boat. Cultural shows 33333La Tayronas Precolombina of hints including these great sailors , their customs and beliefs which completely marked much of the Caribbean region , to the point that even today there are cultures descendants as if the In this section of the museum of recognized archaeological find symbolical value , besides being some in very good condition , among which are vases , carved bones , Necklaces, Jades among others. Office - Cel : 3173641113\n
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